Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got my hot cappuccino in my favorite mug and stood in my room balcony waiting my love to come. After the tiring day at work, the sight of my love makes me smile big and be happy about his presence in my life.

Standing there waiting, memories flashed my heart.

I was just 5 when i first saw him. May be thats when i remember about seeing him. It was love at first sight. from that day on, we became best friends. I shared every moment of life with him every day. I was sad every time he disappeared but soon smiled when he was back.

To me he was my best friend. But, i dont remember how and when did this friendship turn to love. Now, I am mad about him.

I proposed him already, but no reaction and am still waiting every day for his answer. We enjoy being with each other and I love this part of my life with him.

I am tired of waiting for him today, and was about to leave the balcony when his first rays kissed my cheek. He is there amidst the soft clouds, bright and beautiful.
The moon, is the love of my life...!!!

Writtten for Thursday Tales...!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Abhi was walking back home from a long day work. As he passed the streets, it started to thunder. When he looked up, he could see the dark clouds circling around up in the sky. As he walked along, he was occupied with memories of the first day he met Kripa.

Kripa was waiting for her friends in the garden near the street and suddenly started raining. She wanted to run away to find a shelter and finally reached a person under an umbrella.

"Excuse me...Can you please share the umbrella??" She asked him.
He turned to see who it was and was mesmerized seeing the beautiful Kripa. This is the first time Abhi saw Kripa.

" you can." Abhi soon replied.
"Thank you'
"My Pleasure"

That day, by the time it stopped raining, they only knew each others names and that they live in the same place near to the streets.

Abhi couldn't forget her and neither did Kripa. From then on,  they almost met every day and finally fell in love. Soon they married and lived together happily. They never forgot the day they first met. 

Passing the street, Abhi realized that it was already 50 years that he met Kripa and today was the day he first saw his angel in life. He soon went to the florist for a lovely bouquet of red roses and then to the bakers near by for a chocolate cake. He rushed home to see his lovely wife.

Abhi reached home to see Kripa already decorated the home and waiting in the lawn for Abhi, for the coffee. Abhi soon joined her and they celebrated the evening. Amidst their celebration, three cars entered the gate and both of them turned around to find their family.

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" the whole family wished as they walked towards them. 

Abhi and Kripa were so happy to spend the special day with their children and grand children. Its one in a life time kind of a day to both of them.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


"Am on a holiday, Please do not disturb me." Abhi answers his phone call and switches off his mobile phone.

He sat on the little rock watching his little princess play in the snow. Its been ages that he had spent time with Kripa, his five years old daughter. Abhi spent most of his time at work and hardly got time to see his daughter grow up. But today, he has taken off from his work, to spend time with his life again.

"Daddy come here. Its fun"
"Angel, you play. will join you soon" Abhi replied back and continued watching his little girl.

The foot prints in the snow took Abhi to his memories when he used to spend time the same way with his father as a little boy.

"Daddy come here. Its fun"
"Coming Champ" His father came running to him. They played together, built snowmen, danced in the cool breeze. Every such day never ended. It was joy all around.

"Champ, Every time you come here you must be happy and only happy. Never think about anything else about life. Play and run around just like a little boy. This shall be the place where you find the happiness of life." His father once told him when he was six and then when he was ten.

"Dad, I will be the same here as I am today. I promise" Abhi promised his Dad when he was twelve when it was the last time he came to this place.

"Daddy come here. Its fun" Kripa called her Dad once again actually bringing back her Dad back to the present.
Abhi just wiped off his tears and ran to his daughter.
He played with his angel the whole day as the same little boy who promised to be happy to his father and while returning back home , he promised himself to spend time with his daughter more often and keep his promise to his father.

Abhi from then on, spent more time with this angel. He took an off every week and spend the whole day with Kripa gardening, playing, dancing and he was always the little boy running around.

Abhi found the real happiness of his life in his daughter's smiles and Kripa found a best friend in her sweetest Dad.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tears were running down the cheeks of the little Kripa when she saw the children running to the school in a neat uniform carrying their bags. She always wanted to go to the school and study like the other children of her age. She knew that her dreams can never come true. But then she knew that she was free enough to dream.

Wiping her tears she started to move to the place that was a hell to her. Every day, Kripa return back home with her hands with painful wounds because of the work she does. Kripa works in a quarry lifting the stones from the pile and shifting them to the right place.

While she was still in her thoughts, her work place arrived. She turned to run away from there, but found her mother standing back to her.

“What happen Kripa? What are you waiting for? Go and get to work, you are already late”, her mother said.

“Mamma, I don’t want to work. I want to study. Please join me in the school. I will study and get into a good position when I grow up.” Kripa requested.

“Stop dreaming. Get to work now.” Her mother yelled pushed her to get to the work.

“Why did you do this to me? I always asked you. But you never listened to me.” She said looking the bright sky that bore the hot Sun.

She started crying again. Tears never left her. In the mornings, she used to cry because she wanted to go to school but she knew that she can’t. In the noon, she cried because she would be hungry. Her drunkard father never gave her the money she earned to buy some bread to eat. Her mother is never concerned about it as she was her step mother. In the evenings, she would cry because of the painful wounds in her little hands.

Wiping her tears again, kripa moved to the pile of stones. She lifted the shovel to get to the work. It was too heavy for her to lift but then, she had to work. She had to live with the truth that she has no other choice but to die one day in that hot sun.

Kripa works all the day to earn a few bucks before she can see them to the fullest, her mother grabs them all. She is left with all the tiredness and those painful wounds in her hands.

But every day she prays God and only wish she asks for is “ God, please LET ME STUDY..!!!”

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The beauty of the green plants, I was unable to see till date though I was travelling the same route since the last four years. I was always happy but my happy little heart didn’t see this beauty before. I stopped to see the fresh plants smiling at me as if they know me from ages but I felt they were strangers to me. I was suddenly feeling special. Special about the place I am in. But the only confusion was that why the place did seem different today. Suddenly a thunder broke from the dark clouds and there was a sudden lightning.

I then realized the difference. I was unable to hold the umbrella in my hand. I fell to my knees and broke into tears. All these days, I was walking through the journey of life with my beautiful friends. I had just known them and the happiness that they brought into my life. I was happy and just knew about the smiles I shared with those special souls. Immersed in the ocean of happiness I never observed the world around.

But today, I am left alone to live up the rest of journey in the path of life. The college ended and we all had to move to the different roads from the junction. The road I had to go is all new but I am just alone. I was sad for not having my friends with me.

Thoughts brought to me more and more tears that I had forgotten all through these four years. I sat there crying for a long time. A thunder broke again.

I stood up and took the umbrella and started to move forward as I now know that I had to live myself now and it is me who had to complete the journey of life myself. I knew I had all the best wishes needed and I am safe under the umbrella of love of my friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009


The smile never left the man’s face. He was the same now as he was when I saw him some months before.
“How can this man be smiling at this time?” I thought as I took the chair beside the bed he is lying on.
As I took the chair, the old looked at me and gave me that special smile, only he owns. I smiled back.
“How are you feeling now sir?” I asked. I knew the answer already, as I am his doctor since the last 10 months and everyday I wish him, I got the same answer.
The same answer, with a smile followed.
“Sir, how are you managing to smile at this time too? If I were you, I would have been crying all the time.” I said.
“Son, its all about how do you take things that come into your life. I have lived a long life where I had to struggle very hard to smile. But, today I am here with no work to do so I am just enjoying the time” he said with the smile all the while.
“do you want me to stay with you for a while?” I asked.
“no dear, do your work. There are lot many who need you more than me. I know, you cant do anything with me.” He smiled again.
“ do you want anything that I can get for you.”
“ yes, get me that I ask you every morning.”
“sir, please ask me that I can surely get you. You ask me something impossible.”
“its very painful lying here. I don’t have anyone in this world. You know that.”
“ I know. But you call me “SON”. Am I not there for you?”
A smile again.
“think you have to leave now. Your patients will be waiting for you. Don’t miss me all the while. Ok” a smile again.
“ok sir. Have a nice day.”
“Son, I Love You”
“Love You too sir.” I bent towards him and kissed him on his forehead.
It always felt great when I met him every morning. The same was the conversation every day since the last 10 months. I regret for not being able to get him what he asks for.
After the work work I went to him again, but saw him lying there the same way as before except that he had a book in his hand. I went to take the book from his hand, and I was taken aback.
No good mornings again. The smiling soul is no more. The life of a happy man ended. He finally got the one he asked for. The DEATH.


this is the story that i wrote for the pic above. how did i do it? i know i am not good at stories. but then i am trying to be fine atleast..!!!lemme know your views with the valuable comments...!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Firstly, Happy Holi Friends...!!! on this of colors, heres for you some colors from my collection...hope you will all like them...!!!