Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got my hot cappuccino in my favorite mug and stood in my room balcony waiting my love to come. After the tiring day at work, the sight of my love makes me smile big and be happy about his presence in my life.

Standing there waiting, memories flashed my heart.

I was just 5 when i first saw him. May be thats when i remember about seeing him. It was love at first sight. from that day on, we became best friends. I shared every moment of life with him every day. I was sad every time he disappeared but soon smiled when he was back.

To me he was my best friend. But, i dont remember how and when did this friendship turn to love. Now, I am mad about him.

I proposed him already, but no reaction and am still waiting every day for his answer. We enjoy being with each other and I love this part of my life with him.

I am tired of waiting for him today, and was about to leave the balcony when his first rays kissed my cheek. He is there amidst the soft clouds, bright and beautiful.
The moon, is the love of my life...!!!

Writtten for Thursday Tales...!!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

beautiful one yamini :)..


Creativity!! said...

Fabulous.......Beautiful Write Up Dear :) :)

The Write Girl said...

The moon is the love of your life. I can see why :) Beautiful words and writing.