Monday, April 12, 2010


Abhi was walking back home from a long day work. As he passed the streets, it started to thunder. When he looked up, he could see the dark clouds circling around up in the sky. As he walked along, he was occupied with memories of the first day he met Kripa.

Kripa was waiting for her friends in the garden near the street and suddenly started raining. She wanted to run away to find a shelter and finally reached a person under an umbrella.

"Excuse me...Can you please share the umbrella??" She asked him.
He turned to see who it was and was mesmerized seeing the beautiful Kripa. This is the first time Abhi saw Kripa.

" you can." Abhi soon replied.
"Thank you'
"My Pleasure"

That day, by the time it stopped raining, they only knew each others names and that they live in the same place near to the streets.

Abhi couldn't forget her and neither did Kripa. From then on,  they almost met every day and finally fell in love. Soon they married and lived together happily. They never forgot the day they first met. 

Passing the street, Abhi realized that it was already 50 years that he met Kripa and today was the day he first saw his angel in life. He soon went to the florist for a lovely bouquet of red roses and then to the bakers near by for a chocolate cake. He rushed home to see his lovely wife.

Abhi reached home to see Kripa already decorated the home and waiting in the lawn for Abhi, for the coffee. Abhi soon joined her and they celebrated the evening. Amidst their celebration, three cars entered the gate and both of them turned around to find their family.

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" the whole family wished as they walked towards them. 

Abhi and Kripa were so happy to spend the special day with their children and grand children. Its one in a life time kind of a day to both of them.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

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